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How To Organize And Display Holiday Greeting Cards

Holiday greeting cards look neat and organized when are displayed!

Holiday greeting cards look neat and organized when are displayed!

How To Create A Greeting Card Garland to Organize Your Holiday Cards

The holidays are upon us and likely greeting cards have started to roll on in to your home! It is common for holiday cards to end up as clutter on kitchen counter or in a pile on an office desk and not even be enjoyed. I was inspired to recreate a greeting card garland that I found on a couple of years ago. It is an easy, functional and beautiful way to display your Christmas and holiday cards and creates a place for them to be enjoyed without cluttering up your space. I love using natural greenery to decorate for the holidays! It is environmentally friendly, biodegrades when you are done with it, affordable and doesn’t need to be stored for 11 months of the year – a win all the way around!


Materials Needed:

1. Eucalyptus: Trader Joes has several types of lovely eucalyptus this time of year. I chose to use the Silver Dollar variety, but any kind will work well.

2. Wire: any type of wire that is fairly fine and easy to manipulate will do. I chose silver wire as it blended in nicely with the eucalyptus.

3. Red Berries: I found some in my backyard! There are many berries growing on bushes that you can find around Charlotte this time of year but also nurseries and flower shops have some as well.

4. Wooden stick or dowel: any straight branch or stick will do, or you can buy a wooden dowel from a craft or hardware store.

5. Twine or Ribbon: I used twine, but beautiful ribbon would work well too!

6. Mini Clothes Pins: I bought mine at Michaels and they can be repurposed to hold gift tags or hold business cards together when you take your garland down in the new year.


Step 1

Trim Eucalyptus branches so that instead of one large branch there are several smaller branches. Then layout how you want your garland to look. This will make the next step easier and your garland will have a more cohesive look.


Step 2

Use wire to join the smaller branches together. The length should be dictated by how many holiday cards you receive. I made mine about 24” long. If you get a lot of cards you could make yours 36” long instead.


Step 3

Tie garlands to the stick or dowel with twine or ribbon.


Step 4

Tie another length of twine to create a way to hang your garland on the wall.


Step 5

Attach holiday cards to your garland with mini clothes pins. Once you hang your garland you can add more cards as they arrive.

What to do with all your cards when the holidays are over? I have two great suggestions!

1.     I love getting photo cards from my friends and family and I used to feel guilty throwing them away. Then I discovered that I can take a photo of each card with my phone and make the photo the profile picture for my friends’ contacts. This way I get to see their smiling faces each time we communicate!

2.     Store cards that you love with your holiday wrapping paper and reuse to decorate presents next year. Holiday cards look amazing when paired with simple, solid color wrapping paper and taped to the top of the package.


Life after the holidays can seem overwhelming. Finding time to put all the decorations away, creating room in your homes for all the new gifts received and getting back into rhythm and routine after all the busyness can potentially overpower your intentions and aspirations for the New Year. Simplify Studio is here to help support your journey! We love helping our clients simplify their life and make their spaces organized, calm, functional and beautiful so you can have more time and space for the things you need and love to do! We offer FREE CONSULTATIONS! Send us a message on our connect page or give us a call at 949-903-3112

Have a wonderful holiday season!