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About Lisa

Lisa Greene Smith is a California native who grew up in Alaska. At the age of 7, she embarked on a homesteading adventure with her parents to Homer, Alaska. She grew up living off the land on salmon, shellfish, moose, homegrown vegetables and her mother’s homemade bread and learned to adapt to life with no electricity or running water. Her parents built their dream log cabin off the grid in Halibut Cove, a nearby village with no roads and accessible only by boat or float plane, where her father still lives. During this time, she experienced living in a tipi, close encounters with wildlife and the northern lights. She learned to drive boats, rescued and raised a harbor seal pup and gained a true appreciation for nature. Lisa worked on a local classic wooden yacht, turned tour boat, in high school and became a licensed Coast Guard captain at the age of 21. This opportunity gave her the means to attend Rhode Island School of Design and pursue her passion for art and interior design.

Lisa’s first baby - a rescued Harbor seal pup that she raised and then released back in the waters of Kachemak Bay, Alaska

Lisa and her family went on a year long adventure to Florence, Italy years ago and got great inspiration from Italian art and architecture while there.

Her adventurous life has continued with experiences as an AFS exchange student to Jamaica, travel throughout Europe after college and a year spent in Florence, Italy while her husband earned his Master’s Degree in Urban Design. Lisa has visited all but 5 of our 50 states and 15 countries, has lived in 11 states and 3 countries and has moved a total of 34 times in her life. Needless to say, she is an expert at relocation! She is happy to call Charlotte, North Carolina home and enjoys the balance of travel (including to her childhood home that is still off the grid but has many more comforts and conveniences than when she was growing up) with creating a comfortable home life for her family.                                    

Lisa’s childhood home in Halibut Cove, Alaska. The cabin is off the grid and access is only by boat - no roads! Her father still lives there and she makes annual trips up to visit in the summer time.

The Danny J is the tour boat that Lisa piloted in the summers in Halibut Cove, Alaska while in college.